Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in paydaylunch,

PDL Future Developments

Hello all,

Quick message, as I thought you might be interesting in upcoming PDL events.

1. Next week, there is a suggestion of visiting Miga, a Korean restaurant on Goodge St, for lunch. It used to be the fabled Kopanese, but Kopanese cuisine has had its day, and is no longer with us. Anyway, Korean is still good, eh? Day hasn't been set, but how are people for Wed or Thu? (I can't do Friday, but you know, it's up to the group etc.)

2. nou and I are going for lunch at 12:30pm on Thu 27 November to The Gunmakers pub in Clerkenwell. It's a different area from usual, and I frankly recognise it may not suit anyone who's on this list, but I thought it only polite to invite y'all. You're welcome to come.
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can i take this opportunity to request southbank lunches in the future pls, now i am BACK IN TOWN!!!!

goodge st might be a bit of a push for lunch tbh
if there is a southbank lunch planned this month I could totes go! Can get to there from my haus in about 15 min :D
I wondered if maybe there was possibility of some kind of SE thing. I am happy to go wherever for lunch frankly: it's my quiet time of year and it's not like anyone checks up on me. I'd suggest tapas (Tapas Brindisa? Meson Don Felipe?) but tapas can be a hassle when it's busy....
Definitely up for Goodge St shenanigans next week.
Good! Will advise on day when I hear from atommickbrane...
Wednesday is the day! Put it in yr diary.
I could go to things if they were at 1:30ish, or maybe earlier only on Fridays. I'm not sure I'd like Korean food though.

That Gunmakers pub looks very near here though, so maybe I can swap lunches that one day (which is also, handily, actual payday).
I'd be happy with a switch to 1:30pm for the Gunmakers plan if you can't manage to swap, but it depends on whether that suits Ewan.
Time and location don't bother me! Happy to do 1:30pm...
Am happy to make the Gunmakers lunch at 1:30pm if that's good for you!
I may come too if it is close by as lizzy says. I am broke until payday so no Kopanese. Sob. :(
It is exactly where the arrow is pointing on my Streetmap link. You will know better than I how close that is to your work! Hope you can make it, 1:30pm Thursday 27th. I'll post a reminder closer to the time.

Could I possibly be immensely awkward and ask for 1pm instead of 1:30pm? No worries if this is a problem — I can make 1:30pm, it's just that 1pm would be better for me.
I wouldn't be able to make 1pm, I'm afraid :(
That's OK — let's stick with the 1:30pm plan then!
I am intrigued by the Kopanese! Any day fine for me, werk beef permitting.

Also I am off work the week including the 27th so lunch in Clerkenwell may well be possible!
But alas it is not Kopanese anymore, that is the problem! But I think we should do whatever's replaced it anyway. Maybe we can ask them if they can do something Kopanese style...
Kopaneserean is set for next Wednesday!
clerkenwell lunch eh? i may leave it, as i can be annoying if you have to see me TWO days in a row. but close!

also, yes, more southbank stuff!
Oh no go on go on, two lunches in a row!
Hi, sorry! Wednesday is much better for me pls thank you.

Clerkenwell is way too far unless we taxi it there and back like the UPPER CLARSES.
Fair enough to Clerkenwell, but it seems as if there are people among us who work closer to there. I was convinced no one would say yes to it.

Jolly good, shall we make the MIGA excursion next Wed? 12:30pm as usual?