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Yes, I am here amongst you to put forward and NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY idea. Actually, it has already been discussed in the past by myself and atommickbrane, so it's not really new. In fact, it's sort of a bit of a bvgger because it means waking up even earlier than usual. And if you're anything like me, that extra hour few minutes of lying in bed before getting up, washed, dressed, et al., is a blessing that one would not willingly do without.

However, breakfast is a miraculous meal that I do not partake of enough. And Lantana makes the best coffee in London that I have tried (and this is science fact, science fact fans). They also do a good range of breakfast options covering the spectrum of cereal / yoghurt / pastry / eggs and other cooked breakfasts.

So what I am here amongst you to ask, is would anyone be up for a PDB? I think Friday is already rather overloaded with activities myself, plus my personal feeling is that a PDB would be a good way to kick off a week. Though maybe an early Monday start would be a step too far. How about a Tue or Wed morning? Would anyone be up for this at 8-8:30am ish on a Tue or Wed morning?
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