Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in paydaylunch,

Not a Goth Pub

Some of you may not be familiar with my project to try every pub in the W1 area for lunch, but there's a new pub on the block and it must be sampled.

The Adam & Eve replaces the former Ben Crouch's Tavern (on Wells St, just off Oxford St near the Plaza) and it opened this past weekend. So I propose a lunchtime visit. Thursday (17 Sep) seems good this week, so is anyone interested?

Sorry if it's not your payday (mine is next Monday) but being at the cutting edge of pub knowledge rather demands a visit.
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I'd love to, but am no longer working in the area :-(

If you want to do an after-work visit, let me know.
Hahahah I might pop in for a quick slime, werk-depending. I hope they've got rid of the spooky noise that sets off when you open the door to the loos.

I'm fairly certain they'll have completely removed any atmosphere whatsoever everything 'Eerie' about the place.
Possibly! It does depend on me getting another 6,000 words done today though, which is not at all guaranteed.
aw man I'd love to, but after already spending tonnes of money on gigs and stuff and the fact that I have a werk lunch thang tomoz, really can't afford. Sob.