But I guess I know a lot about bugs (atommickbrane) wrote in paydaylunch,
But I guess I know a lot about bugs

Moiza, Goodge Street, this Friday

OK! Payday Lunch! I've missed the last two because of various business or illness or what have you. But no more! I propose a trip to Moiza on Goodge Street (nearer the TCR end), a Kopanese (Korean and Japanese) restaurant that some of us have been eyeing up for quite a while now.

12.30. Friday. Be there. That's Moiza, 29 Goodge Street, W1T 2PP.

Of course, seeing as I'm the one suggesting it, I probably will end up not being able to make it because a piano will fall on my head or something, but fingers crossed eh.

I am wondering if they added nasi goreng* etc, then they could call themselves "Kopanesian"... perhaps we should suggest it. No limits to fusion!

*I sort of don't know any more Indonesian foods :(
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