Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in paydaylunch,

PDL Future Developments

Hello all,

Quick message, as I thought you might be interesting in upcoming PDL events.

1. Next week, there is a suggestion of visiting Miga, a Korean restaurant on Goodge St, for lunch. It used to be the fabled Kopanese, but Kopanese cuisine has had its day, and is no longer with us. Anyway, Korean is still good, eh? Day hasn't been set, but how are people for Wed or Thu? (I can't do Friday, but you know, it's up to the group etc.)

2. nou and I are going for lunch at 12:30pm on Thu 27 November to The Gunmakers pub in Clerkenwell. It's a different area from usual, and I frankly recognise it may not suit anyone who's on this list, but I thought it only polite to invite y'all. You're welcome to come.
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