Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in paydaylunch,

[PDL] Kokokokokorean

So, in our post of last week, there was a consensus at that time amongst the people who were interested, that the Korean venture, MIGA, would be tomorrow. Wednesday. (Incidentally, I note that it already warrants a mention in Time Out's recent 'Cheap Eats' feature,* though that is likely due to the proximity to TO's offices as much as anything.)

Is that still the case? Are we still on for it?

Obviously if a postponement was desired by enough of the participants, this could be arranged, but otherwise I am still perfectly 'up for it'.

EDIT: So that's Miga, 29 Goodge Street, W1T 2PP. At 12:30pm, Wed 19 November.

* That Time Out mention:
"We like this simple new Korean restaurant for its wholesome lunch menu with dishes that warm the belly and set you up for an afternoon at the coalface. Lunch deals start at £6 and include miso soup."
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