Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in paydaylunch,

PDL Thursday plans

Work, eh? Bah. Anyway, as per previously advertised paydaylunch plans, myself and nou are attending The Gunmakers in Clerkenwell tomorrow, Thursday 27 November, for lunch. A few of you indicated interest in attending, so we will be convening there at 1:30pm.

Gunmakers, Clerkenwell, EC1
Here is a picture of the pub. It's located at 13 Eyre Street Hill, off Clerkenwell Road.

Here is a map [Streetmap link] with an arrow pointing to its location.

One of the reasons we have chosen this location is because the publican writes an excellent blog about running his pub. It's mostly just an actual well-written blog, but with lots of interesting asides about the business and practice of pub-ownership and, obviously, about beer.
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