Ewan (hoshuteki) wrote in paydaylunch,

Amended PDL Plans for Friday

So I had suggested Moiza KOPANESE restaurant for tomorrow's paydaylunch (PDL), but alas atommickbrane cannot make it and that was a place she nominated.

Therefore, as an alternative venue I suggest dim sum at Leong's Legend(s) Taiwanese place on Macclesfield St, near the De Hems pub.

Friday 22 August, meet outside at 1pm. nou, do you think we need to book?

PS I was also going to suggest Dehesa in Soho, but I looked at the menu, and amazing though it looks, seems a bit pricy for lunch.

PPS Heads-up warning for those not following the comments, but PDL will probably be at Abeno next Friday, after more people have been paid. (My payday is today, though, hence this week's plans.)
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